Friday, September 16, 2016

TFIF: Decoding Larger Locations

Finishing the processing of last weekends journey and planing ahead for short Sunday trip to Western Ohio.

Many times, tend to avoid larger communities and seek out the smaller villages.  However, there are a few bigger cities that are appealing.

One such community is St. Marys, Ohio with a population of some 8,259 in 2014. This is down a touch from the 2010 number of 8,332. 

The typical red brick architecture is nicely crafted and very well cared for.

In the city center and one block North of the main street, there stands a grain elevator. A reminder of the regional importance of agriculture.  

Larger locations seem to require a different way of working. Find that seeing succeeds by moving about at slower pace in order to really absorb the surroundings.