Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Morning Coffee: Endgame

Finally!  With a temperature in low 50's, ice and snow gone, a quiet, peaceful and pleasant walk in Preble County.  Had the road to ourselves as there were no vehicles and/or people out and about.

                  Boston, Indiana. 

Entrance door to long closed and vacated school.

Lately, been thinking about the difference between analog and digital photographic final results.  

For analog, a print was the endgame. You weren't finished until it conveyed what you saw when taking the photograph.  It was an real physical object that you could hold in your hand. 

For digital, a visual display is the endgame.  Oh, the are a few for which the physical print is valued, but for most a screen image is the final goal. 

This - screen image - presents a spot of bother.  Not all screens present a given photograph the same way as a viewers machine may not be setup identically as the maker's machine. While the computer that produced the image is calibrated a certain way, a viewers instrument may be different from the makers and may or may not be calibrated in the same way.  

A print is fixed in tones/values and scale.  A screen image is variable in tones/values and scale.     



Friday, January 19, 2018

TGIF: Pick, Select and Wander

Randomly pick a Midwest populated location, select a street, wander along it and you're bound come upon a building window that indicates local hard times.

   Peru, Indiana.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Weather lately has not been all that great.  Temperatures in single digits along with rain created patches of ice. The rain  slowly changed over to sleet that turned into snow.  Snow continued falling off and on over the weekend hiding the ice. 

Because of the snow covered ice, walking is a challenge.  With four legs and close to the ground, Liah is not bothered and moves at her usual fast forward speed. On the other hand, the rest of us move at a careful slow pace.
The recent weather conditions, turning a colorful landscape into a black and white one, have peaked an interest more black and white work
   Wabash, Indiana.

Friday, January 12, 2018

TGIF: On Message

Haven't discarded old or raised new questions.  What is changing is responding with a different point of view.

   New Castle, Indiana.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Uncovering Midwestern History

     Warren, Indiana.

A path of learning and understanding early Midwestern history is to pay attention to the wall painted advertising found throughout the region.  

They provide a doorway into the location and the opportunities afforded to the residents. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Morning Coffee: Computer Saga / Big John's

Finished sorting out the remaining two machines. One laptop updated the virus protection with no problems.  The other laptop consumed much of Saturday and part of Sunday.  

Problem was the inability to download the program in order to install it on the computer.  Finally gave up late in the afternoon.

Returned Sunday morning to attempt the get the program loaded and installed. 

With no success, elected to try a workaround.  Since the ID key for the program was in hand, went to the company web site, successfully downloaded and installed a 30 day trial version.    

Opened the installed trial program, was asked to continue with trial or enter an ID key.  Entered the key, program opened for use and problem solved.

With all programs on each machine updated, we are now good to go.

   Converse, Indiana.

Along the main street in the middle of town  and available for use.