Thursday, September 15, 2016

Economy - An Old Friend

   Economy, Indiana.

According to the Geological Survey

"Economy was laid out and platted in 1825. The town was named by the original landowner, who thought of laying out the town into lots as the most economical way of selling off his property, hence the name Economy".

Like other small communities, the population is shrinking.  In 2000 it was 200 and by 2010 only 187.

Economy is a favorite location and have photographed it many times over the years.  It often serves as a testing ground for equipment and/or methods and materials.  This trip involved the use of Noblex panoramic camera - will post those images later.

While documenting is a major photographic purpose, sometimes become intrigued by the manner in which form, tone, texture and location interact with the light.

   Economy, Indiana.