Friday, July 15, 2016


Upgrade time here at the Today's Image Headquarters.  Earlier in the week the cable boxes for the TV's died.  Must of been some kind of group plan as both stopped working.

First response was to contact the Cable Company and use their chat room for a solution to these failures.  After more than an hour, became apparent the cable chat person had no idea as to how to solve these problems. Enough chat - signed off. 

Second response was to contact the Cable Company by phone. Dialed their number and after some five minutes of recorded question and answer foolishness, finally connected to a real person.  

Stated the problem and the same solutions that the chat suggested were offered.  Enough already and requested that they send a real live someone to solve these problems.   

On Thursday a repairman appeared.   After - maybe two minutes - said the boxes were outdated.  Since improvements had been made in the cable delivery system, they were prone to failure. Solution - replacement.  

Asked if there was internet cable.  Responding yes, he then said show me.  After a quick view of the Wi-Fi black box, announced needs replacing.

In less than 10 minutes the problems were identified and solved. Returned to his truck, brought in the magic boxes for TV / Wi-Fi and begin connecting them.

Installing the new equipment for TV's was quickly done.  They, with the replaced boxes, worked right away.

Next was the removal and replacement of the Wi-Fi box.  Was quickly attached.  It was then that the trouble begin.  Individually each computer had to be setup to work with the new equipment. 

After some three hours all but one computer was able to receive the internet. The one that didn't connect is an older Windows PC that is used primarily for scanning.  

Suggested solution was computer replacement.  Explained that the scanners will not connect with newer versions of Windows.  The problem remains.  Seemed to believe that there was a way to connect the Wi-Fi to this PC and would get back to me.

How about a bit of photography now that the TV's and all but one computer are working as they should.

Continuing with a black and white panoramic theme: 

   Union City, Indiana.

As the weather promises to improve on the weekend, planing on doing some photography. 

Have a good weekend and check back on Monday.