Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Photography Tomorrow

If you came here to read about and view photography stop right now and return tomorrow.  Sorry, just not up to it today. 

Some days are good and other days are bad.  On this planet, the recent days have been bad, very bad and just terrible.

Pick a part of the world - say Turkey or France or Canada - bad seems to be happening. 

Here in the United States, just choose a city or community.  Large / small or North / South or East / West.  Whatever your choice, bad seems to be happening there.

Lately, photography and wandering about the countryside are far from a meaningful way to spend time.  Too much evil about. 

For some of us it time to step back a bit and recall 

   Williamsburg, Indiana.

Others will have their own introspective ways.  Whatever the choice, hopefully we all will come to understand the reality of the past weeks is not a way to behave and survive. 

Photography tomorrow.