Friday, June 24, 2016

TGIF: The Journey Begins

Spent some time this week reviewing how to convert an analog film negative to a digital positive. 

After viewing some test results decided, rather then scanning a print in order to obtain a digital image, to begin by directly scanning film and using the resulting digital image.  

Of the two methods this is quicker, as no printmaking is required. However, working this way requires replacing darkroom printing skills with computer software skills. Will give it a try and if doesn't work out will return to darkroom printing followed by scanning the resulting photographic print.  

Additionally, time was spent thinking about personal goals for using black and white materials.  Considering questions concerning subjects and composition, as well as technical issues involving tonal range and quality.

As in any creative endeavor, the results reflect the maker crafting the work.  Their personality, influences, interests and skills all contribute to a final result.  There is no one, correct or right way of working. 

Personality at this time, what matters most in black and white images would be form, shape and range of tones. 

   Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A beginning along the road to the world of the black and white photography.