Thursday, June 23, 2016


It is important, every now and then, to go back and review previous results. Often it's the case that either something has been overlooked or that your criteria has changed.  

Often there are images which at first review seem unimportant and are passed by in favor of other choices. It becomes apparent in a careful reexamining, that the earlier rejection was a mistake.  

This was the case in selecting photographs taken in Union, Iowa. Because of an ongoing interest in past and present lodge halls, the community was represented by 

   Union, Iowa.

In addition to local bank structures, lodge halls are frequently the most remaining sustainable early buildings.  This is the case here, as rather handsome I.O.O.F. building has been adapted to include the Post Office.

While this illustrates the intended purpose - recycling of a Lodge Hall - it does not suggest much about the community atmosphere of Union, Iowa.

Going over other results, discovered another image that provides a sense of location. 

   Union, Iowa.

It is possible, with this presentation, to move beyond the representational singular building photograph and obtain a clearer understanding and feeling of the Union, Iowa community.

In the coming Thursday's, will continue this reexamining process.