Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Almost There

Enough brick walls, time to check out the film lenses using a familiar subject.  

While they will be used with black and white film, for this test they will be coupled with an digital Olympus Em 5.2 body and the results will be in color.  Now the color results will be interesting, however the goal here is to get a feeling for the sharpness and rendering that a given lens brings to a subject 

To achieve our stated goals, each lens will use the same camera chip sensitivity, white balance and lens aperture. Focus and shutter speed will vary from lens to lens.

Yes understand not again with the lilies, but they are a personal favorite.

Selecting a small grouping and using an Olympus OM 24mm lens, we have 

On this digital camera this lens becomes a 48mm lens which is close to normal 35mm film lens.   

Returning the next day, decided to move in closer.  Once again using the Olympus 24mm lens.

Using the same camera and settings as in the previous image but changing to a Yashica 50mm lens.  

This becomes a film 35mm equivalent 100mm lens.  A moderate telephoto that requires moving back a bit to obtain the same flower size.

Consider the sharpness and rendering from these and other similar real life examples acceptable.  Now it's time to use film cameras and materials. 

Almost there.