Friday, February 12, 2016

TGIF: Looking Back and Seeing Ahead.

Much of time this past week has been taken up with reviewing photography taken five and six years ago.  Like to do this to determine what changes - if any - have taken place during this time period. 

Several locations have been revisited and curious to discover the physical changes that have or have not occurred. Additionally, in what ways - if any - has recent subject selection and composition differ from the earlier images.

Many of the earlier photographs were portraits of few objects. They were often close up views with little sense of location and place as illustrated in this example from 2009.

  Richmond, Indiana.

Even when documenting a place or structure, the point of view was often very tight and left little to a viewers imagination.  A closed image with no way out or questions raised,  A kind of in your face photograph as found in this earlier photograph.

  Union City, Indiana.

On a recent journey to the identical location, came away with this:

While the place hasn't changed from the visit six years ago, the photographic presentation has. With this point of view there is a feeling of openness.  A viewer is not restricted to one way of viewing but rather has the freedom wander around the image and come away with an glimpse of location.

Yes, the Unio  Morors  building is prominent in the scene along with how it relates to other buildings.  There is also the possibility of escaping by moving along the alley. This is not closed but rather an open image. 

Would identify the earlier photographs as telephoto images. They isolated and compressed subject matter.  They were examples of looking.

Would refer to the recent one as a wide angle image. Showing surroundings and relationships that encourage a viewer to question and respond.  It is an example of seeing.