Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Showing the Flag

As indicated in the last blog entry, been reviewing the posted photographs from 2009 - 2016.  In addition to considering the technical and composition changes, noticed several reoccurring subject themes.     

Over this time span, there have been a number of depictions of the American flag.   

  Garrison, Iowa.

Here helping to frame a traditional documentary photograph that provides a sense and feeling of place. 

In Jamestown, Ohio a retail store has used a copy of the flag and attached it attached to a walker.

Elsewhere in Ohio, in the window of an empty store there is: 

In Cambridge City, Indiana along with the In God We Trust license plate, a flag is painted on the tailgate of a truck.

Not all flags are large and/or move about, but rather are small and attached to a static common object.      

  Richmond, Indiana.

As all these examples are in the Midwest, not sure whether this showing the flag is a Midwest thing or if it appears elsewhere in the United States.