Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Small vs. Big

Yes, this a day late.  Have a good reason for the tardiness as Monday was spent baking bread.  Find the store bread less than choice. Usually make several loaves so that will have enough to last couple of weeks. 

As It's not for sale - just available here - the national grocery chains - Koger, Meijer, Marsh - won't consider a price war and will continue marketing their bread products.

After cooling all but one are put in the freezer.

Returning to regular programming.  

Usually it's the big box stores - Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, Target, etc. - that cause the smaller home-owned businesses to fail. The national chains are able to purchase stock in larger and cheaper lots.  This enables them to often offer merchandise at prices the smaller retail outlets are unable to match.  As time passes with fewer and fewer customers, the local stores close.  

It is not only the smaller retail stores facing national corporations - Speedway, Jiffy Lube, Best Tire, etc.- as service stations are being challenged in a similar way.  As regional companies enter a local market the smaller service stations are unable to compete. 

Having lost fuel sales, tire sales, lubrication services and repair opportunities, they turn to stocking and selling non transportation products in order to remain in business.  

As time passes with fewer and fewer customers, the small local stations close.