Friday, January 29, 2016

TGIF: Old Is New

Winter in Indiana - with its overcast sky - is a time to stay inside near the wood fire, reading and planing for future photography projects.   In the recent Monday Morning Coffee post, wrote about cameras past and present.  In particular the Panasonic G3.

Now haven't used the G3 for a couple of years.and got to thinking that might be good to compare it to the Olympus cameras that are the latest ones being used. Have retained the G3 because of its low resale value.

With a brief window of sunlight and temperature in the low 40's, left Liah to handle the office, grabbed the G3 and headed out to take a few quick photographs. 

First stop was in the historic district.

  Richmond, Indiana

The camera performed rather well under the bright light and high contrast scene.  The exposure and color where spot on for my way of working.  A plus was that the post processing was quick and straightforward. 

Not bad for a camera that is some four earlier generations from the latest Panasonic G series camera. 

Enough brick and mortar, lets try something else. 

  New Westville, Ohio

You may recall that this church was in an earlier post.  At that time it was closed and for sale.  It now appears to be once again open and serving as a church.

Again the G3 handled nicely the exposure and color.  In the future, will put it the bag along with the Olympus cameras.

Digital cameras are improving in an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary manner.  Over time new features are added but the basic tools have remained the same.  

As with vehicles, they all will move you from place A to spot B.  It's the features that enable one to stand out from the others.