Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Along An Alley

Finally this morning, managed to take a bit of wander over in Preble County as temperature was in high thirties.   With rain forecasted for the next couple days, we may be not be out there again before the end of the week.

While the temperature is acceptable for walking, the continuing overcast gray skies has made photography less than choice.  Winter in Indiana is definitely photography challenged.

Will leave with two results taken last week.  These were the result of a quick walkabout with the Panasonic G3 camera with a wide angle 15mm lens (35mm full frame equivalent is 30mm).  Once again, most impressed with the results from this old camera body.  

Enough camera / lens talk.

  Richmond, Indiana.

In the Midwest we sure do like our flags as they seem to be everywhere.  These two appear to be protecting the rear door of a building and are visible only if you are in the alley behind the building. 

Continuing down the alley, a couple of doors away from the flags, is a thrift store rear entrance.  

  Richmond, Indiana.

Once again, it is informative to leave the usual path and seek out the road less traveled.  This choice often provides a richer visual experience.