Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Quick Winter Wander

Yes, today is Tuesday not Monday. On Monday the temperature reached the low forties.  Took the opportunity of warmer weather, left Liah in charge and did a quick photo drive and walkabout.  Today colder weather and dark gray skies have returned.

Driving and walking about, noticed that wall signs seemed to be everywhere.  The older ones were advertising various products.  Such as this tobacco ad

  New Castle, Indiana.

A block away found the result of a Camp sponsored the the Art Association of Henry County.  

  New Castle, Indiana.

As you can see in the last photograph, the overcast winter sky returned and the temperature began to fall. Time to pack up and head home.  

Although a rather short trip, was good to get out, to look and see.  Only some sixty days till Spring.  It can't come soon enough.