Friday, December 18, 2015

TGIF: It Has Arrived

It has arrived - WINTER.  Spent much of the week in finishing outside clean up.  The temperatures were in 50' and 60's.  Seemed more like early fall then December.  Today that has changed, as the early morning walk was in wind chill of 21 degrees.  High today is supposed to be 35. Yes, it has arrived.

Quick trip after the walk in an attempt to finish up Christmas shopping before the rest of the folks make a last minuet dash to the stores. Found everything on list but one remaining item.  Checking the web and finding that the remaining gift is either not available and/or back-ordered.  Back to the drawing board for a substitute.

A couple of images as a preview of what's coming next week. Can you identify the location?  Will provide location and some background information in the next Monday Morning Coffee. 

Do check in and see if you identified the community correctly.

Note: click on image for a larger view.