Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Pros and Cons

Technology - think computer, internet, mobile tablet and cell phone -  has certainly changed the way products and services are supplied.  

Rather than local manufactures, production has moved to a central location.  The finished product is then delivered to local outlets.  While this has been a long time practice in the production of hard drinks - think beer with large centrally located plants.  It is now the working way in the soft drink industry - think closed local bottling plants. 

With a company such as Amazon and its variety of offerings available from central locations, there is no need to locally obtain a product, as it is possible to have your purchase delivered to your home and / or business.  

This is also true in the service industry.  The service is centrally located and then made available to local outlets - think airlines with hub centers.  It is now becoming the working way medical care - think regional hospitals housing physicians and medical services.

As an example of this, consider:  

 Union City, Indiana.

A closer view explains the motive for sale notice.

While central locations are a more efficient way of supplying goods and services, they are also more impersonal. Connection is provided by machine rather than local face to face interaction.  

Pros and Cons.