Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Returning After an Unusual Week

Last Monday began in normal manner.  Up early, coffee and toast followed by 20 minute drive to the start of our usual rural Ohio morning walk.  After arriving and walking about a mile, Liah - the all seeing beagle - spotted something and attempted to capture it.  Unfortunately she was on a rather short line.  Her reaction resulted in my landing face down in the middle of the road.  

Results - whatever she saw vanished and I got to my feet to check out a couple of scrapes from the chip and seal road surface. All seemed to be OK and we continued on our walk. 

The next day-Tuesday - a wonderful restaurant lunch with a dear friend.  Afterwards returning to car, realized my IPhone was missing.  

Returned to restaurant to find the phone not there. Slowly retracing my steps along the path to the car, discovered no phone,  A rather careful search of the car and the surrounding area yielded nothing.  

Result - IPhone "lost".

After walking on Wednesday found - in the junk drawer - an earlier version of an IPhone. With phone in hand, made a trip to the local AT&T store.  After a couple of questions and brief computer look-up of my account, was told the missing IPhone was insured and would be replaced - no charge. 

Results - expect a replacement by overnight delivery from Texas. The helpful folks also activated the old IPhone. 

On the way home thought no way that was going to happen, as Thursday would be Christmas Eve.  

Result - replacement IPhone arrived and was activated on Thursday.

Enough already, lets return to photography.

Oxford Junction is a city in Jones County, Iowa,  The population in 2000 was 573, in 2010 it was 496 and in 2014 it had dropped to 487.  This is a decrease of  1.8% since 2000.

Oxford Junction was platted in 1872 at the time the railroad was built.  It is named for the junction of two railroad lines.

Along main street and just up from Coons Corner in the previous post:

 Will post more Oxford Junction views in coming days.