Friday, November 27, 2015

TGIF: Black Friday

Today is Black Friday.  A huge shopping day here in the Midwest.  Lots of discount prices to entice folks to came and spend money.  A day in which retailers can make or break their business year - especially the smaller local stores. 

Walking on our pre-breakfast walk at 5:30, there were several cars zipping about.  After a quick coffee and toast, we left for the usually peaceful Preble County countryside.  Even there, people were up and in their vehicles rushing about the usually empty roads.

Seems like a fine time for a favorite Black and White image.

   Richmond, Indiana.

Rear view of former International Harvester plant.  It is now used as a warehouse. 
Finally, checking out ads and discounts offered on line, found a lens that would be useful to have.  As it was discounted $200, seemed to be a reasonable purchase, so placed a order and should arrive midweek.  

Yes, it is Black Friday and with a couple of keyboard clicks, have joined the other shopping Midwest folks.

Regular programming will return on Monday, have a great weekend.