Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Lost Weekend

The image below is only a placeholder until returning to Fall Wander about.

Richmond, Indiana.

In addition to posting on Friday, returned to more yard work - removing fallen limbs and leaves,  Finished up late afternoon and prepared for the rest of the evening.

About 6:00 suddenly began to have chills and fever. Watched a bit of basketball on TV but soon gave up and went to bed.  Chills and fever continued throughout the night.  Little, if any, sleep. By morning things had calmed down a bit.  Along with Liah, took a brief walk to the end of block and back as the fever returned.  Back into bed for most of the day, leaving only to briefly take Liah out.  Needless to say, she didn't understand what was going on and kept asking for the usual outing.  Meals of bowels of chicken soup made up to day.  Evening was no better than the previous one, so at 5 in the morning left for the ER at local hospital. 

After checking in, waiting 2 hours for a doctor and a brief checkup was told nothing was found.  If continued, then return for addition tests. So much for medical  attention.  Asked if could take aspirin or Tylenol.  Doc suggested Tylenol.

On the way home Drug Stores were not open until later in the morning.  Returned home for bit, until they were.  With Liah in tow, went to the nearest one, purchased some Tylenol and returned to HQ.  Began immediately with the new purchase - two every six hours.  Cranked up the TV, sat down and watched a tape of Liverpool Futbol winning their first League Match under new manger.  . 

Still not back to normal, Tylenol helps but doesn't cure,  Will return to regular programming ASAP.