Friday, November 6, 2015

TGIF: Brief Return and Preston, Iowa

Been a bit of the Week from Hell.  Besides personally not feeling all the great, a Windows 8.1 machine decided not to load Windows.  Interesting problem and never faced such before.  Timeout and time for some coffee.  After a cup and some looking out the window, started up the computer again.  This time Windows loaded.  No idea why but all was good again.    

Next problem occurred in mid-week.  Speakers suddenly stopped working.   Usually while at computer we have a nice musical background accompanying the click-click of computer keys. Not then.  Solution ?  The usual, go get some coffee and look out the window.  Returning later speakers are working,  No idea why but all is good again.

Finally, today plugged in a zip drive with the blog images and it was not recognized.  By now you know the way problems are solved - coffee and window. Yes, after a brief wait, it is now recognized.  No Idea why but all is good again.

At the moment as everything is working, lets take a brief visit to Preston, Iowa with view along the main street.

In 2010 the city of Preston had a population 1012 with a White race percentage 98.1.

From the other end, usual empty storefronts, some converted in living quarters and very active Pub and Grill.