Friday, October 30, 2015

TGIF: Chatsworth, Illinois

End of a rainy and cold week here at the HQ of Today's Image.  Walks have been cut short due to yard work in between the showers.  

Stopped in Chatsworth, Illinois while on the Fall Wanderlust.  

Chatsworth is a small town of 1303 - as of July 2015 -  which is an increase from the 1175 in 2013. It is located Northeast of Bloomington, Illinois and was plated in 1859. 
Along Main Street there is a rather diverse collection of architectural forms dating from, at least, 1894.

Continuing up the street

Walking back down the street are a couple of partially used buildings, including the Chatsworth Dollar Store on the corner.

Interesting town and well worth returning to, as it's unusual to find a small Midwestern town with an increasing population.