Friday, July 31, 2015

TGIF Bits and Bytes

Between the rather uncomfortable weather - hot and humid - and computer changes - programs working or not and new systems, its been rather long week.  Along with walking daily - in spite of the high temperatures - most of time has been filled with the wonderful world of Windows systems and software.

A bit of geeky stuff.  Over time have have accumulated some five working windows machines running a variety of systems.  

Two - a notebook and a desktop - use Windows XP.   They are used to run Nikon film scanners   The scanners will not work with later operating systems.

Another two - a laptop and a desktop - use Windows 7.  They are used to run text programs, process photographs and operate printers.  The laptop is used while traveling  and as a backup to the desktop machine.  Not planing to travel for a bit, removed the Photoshop program and installed it elsewhere.

The fifth - a Dell desktop - is the newest and uses Windows 8.1.  It is mostly used for mail and surfing the web. Since it is a more powerful and faster computer, the removed copy of Photoshop was installed.  Sadly, several camera files and plug-ins did not work in Windows 8.1, so it was not a useful tool. Part of the work this week has been in removing the Photoshop program and returning it to the Windows 7 laptop.

Because the Dell desktop is more powerful and faster, - but not friendly with my copy of Photoshop and its plug-ins - much time was spent in searching for a way and programs to use this computer to process camera files. It would then be a backup to the Windows 7 machines. Finally got it sorted and now able to convert camera files into useable photographs.

On top of all this, Windows 10 has been announced and available.  This is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems.  While promising to be safer and faster, what older programs and plugins will work on the new system? 

As the image processing programs work on Windows 7 but not on 8.1, probably will not "play" on Windows 10.  Update the Windows 8.1 computer?  Not sure my new way of processing camera files using windows 8.1 will work in Windows 10.  

Decision: Will wait to update 8.1 to 10 for now, as the new system will certainly contain bugs.  Let others try it and learn from their experiences.

It is now time for  

           Hagerstown, Indiana.

Regular programing including photographs will return on Monday.