Friday, August 4, 2017

TGIF: End Game

Has been some five years since last used the 5x7 view camera and that probably would not be using it in the future. 

Decision time, keep or sell?  

After bit of overnight think time, decided to sell.  Spent the rest of the day gathering the lenses, film backs and rest of the necessary bits and pieces for view camera photography.

The next task was to check everything to be certain they were in working order.  This took a while and in the end everything appeared up to specification.

Time to stage the equipment.  Clean, polish and attractively
package everything.

Finally the next day, load up the car and deliver the equipment to a brick and mortar camera store.  Long day, but in the end all turned out for the good.  They got equipment which they can resell and a personal bank account got a touch larger.  

Will leave with a photograph of a law office.

   Winchester, Indiana.

The weekend weather promises to be cool and sunny.  Sounds just fine for photography.  Check back Monday.