Friday, April 14, 2017

TGIF: Testing And Crosses

Spent Tuesday and Wednesday setting up a new arrival - an Olympus Pen F camera.  As the usual editing software is not compatible, had to install and learn new and different software in order to work with the Pen F files. 

Since Thursday was a nice warm and sunny day, decided it was a fine time to test out the new arrival.

Rather than photographing in the neighborhood, left Liah in charge and wandered over to Knightstown, Indiana. 

After arriving and parking the car, walked a short block to the main downtown street and discovered:

Around the corner at the entrance of a store came upon an array of crosses.

and across the street

Half a block south on a SBC church was a more traditional cross. 

Walked a block North to find installed in a recycled gas station where the pumps once were located.

Returning to the car and before leaving, decided to check out a church building that have been following for several years.

Sure enough, more crosses.

We know that Midwest folks, at every opportunity, show the American flag.  Would seem that many Christians are equally proud of displaying a cross.

Enjoy your Easter be it family, egg hunts or church attendance.  Check back on Monday.