Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee: Good Plan Foiled

Yesterday up early with a quick breakfast, packed up the cameras and headed out to photograph in Southeastern Indiana.  After driving for about an hour, the sky darkened, a heavy driving rain started coming down. Continued driving hoping that it would soon end. 

Sadly it didn't stop. Turned around and headed North intending to return home.  After driving less than fifteen minutes, the sky ahead brightened and the rain ended. 

Time to photograph. Stopped, checked the map and decided to go to nearby Rushville.  Have been there a number of times over the years, perhaps this time will uncover something new.

Walked about the city for some forty minutes, taking two - count them - photographs.  

                                 Rushville, Indiana.

                    Rushville, Indiana.

Planning to have another go at Southeastern Indiana next weekend.