Friday, March 17, 2017

TGIF: Green Door and Finally Finished

Will start off with a early foggy morning view along small Midwest village main street.

   Convoy, Ohio

After some two weeks the new computer and monitor are up and running.  All necessary files, programs, plug-ins, actions and printers have been transferred over from the old machine.

This has involved three phone calls - a couple lasted over an hour - to the computer manufacturer  First call explained that the computer arrived without a display cable.  A couple days later a display cable arrived. It didn't mate the computer to the monitor. Then three days later another arrived.  It also didn't connect the computer and monitor.

Also, along the way two in-house visits - each lasting some three to four hours  -  by a local computer service tech. 

On the first visit the tech brought the correct cable.  Now with the two machines mated, the setup was underway.  

All went well for a day, until it came time to connect the printers.  Tech returned and together we finally managed to configure the computer so that the printers were discovered and working.

The take away - tasks are straightforward when everything is from the same manufacturer. In this case the difficulties occurred because monitor and computer were from different companies.  Ultimately solutions / workarounds were found.

Now back to photography.