Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee: City Hall and Language

Will begin todays post with photography.

Never know what to expect and often surprised when wandering into a small Midwestern village .  Usually buildings that reflect an earlier prosperous time.  Time passes, folks come and go and businesses die to be replaced or not by others.

For many, recalling an earlier time, today's landscapes are depressing. Rather, for a documentary photographer, the present offers a rich path that helps to understand the past.

Arriving early on a foggy February morning to discover on a side street delightful red brick building - City Hall.     

     Convoy, Ohio.

Moving on to digital workflow.

As indicated in early posts, the new computer, monitor and printers are now inter connected.  Files, software, plug-ins and actions are installed.

While the computer, monitor and printer are able access each other, they don't speak the same language.  The weekend was spent getting these machines to be able to communicate with each other. 

First step was profiling the monitor which was accomplished using available software.  

Next was to profile the printer. The goal here was to make a print from a screen image with the intention of matching - as close as possible - the monitor image.  While software helps, the process requires a bit of trial and error tweaking before it is sorted.  At this time, almost there but need to continue working on it.

Finally, software editing programs needed to be dialed in to the monitor and printer profiles.  This was accomplished on an individual basis which took a fair amount of time. 

Hopefully the end to this digital rabbit hole is near and can return to photography.