Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee: Progress Beneficial Or Not

Earlier in the Fall, traveled over to nearby town and on the Western edge, discovered:  

   Hagerstown, Indiana.

Neat and tidy building with lovely graphics presenting the auto services available.

Returning on a sunny and cold first of January, found the location a bit different as the signage is gone and the business is closed.

   Hagerstown, Indiana.

What happened?  With a bit of research located a few reasons.

Based on a Auto Repair Business market research report summary from IBISWorld.

New designs such as hybrid designs and other new systems require additional training for mechanics. These provide auto dealers an advantage, if their teams are trained on a more regular cycle than an independent auto shop.

New designs also can require new diagnostic tools that can be expensive for independent auto shops to acquire.

New designs can require less frequent traditional repairs - think tuneups - that are a source of recurring revenue for independent auto repair shops.

These and other advances in auto manufacturing technology are having many impacts on the independent auto repair business.

Progress is not always beneficial for everyone.