Friday, December 2, 2016

TGIF: Location Is Everthing

With no vehicles or people about, a wonderful, quiet and peaceful, morning walk in rural Preble County, Ohio.

As the weather has turned cooler, rural folks tend
remain sheltered in place.  Time to repair machinery, review the past year and begin to plan for the next year. 

Even in the city, traffic is light during the week.  Off course the weekends bring out the Christmas shopping ramble.

Within the city, a favorite wandering location is along railroad tracks - not on the rails but nearby.  Except for an occasional train, things are pretty quiet. Usually bring a tripod and panoramic camera to take advantage of the distortion possible with a swinging lens camera.   

   Richmond, Indiana.

Once again a black and white image is, for my way of working, a stronger presentation.

Return next week as will begin to post the results of a trip to Fairmount, Indiana.