Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Return to Hobbs, Indiana

First visited Hobbs, Indiana in 2009 and recently returned to to check out what, if anything, had changed.

Hobbs is an unincorporated community in Eastern Tipton County.  It was founded in 1878 by Henderson Hobbs.

On the first visit discovered the Schoolhouse of Educated

Built as the Hobbs Grammar School in 1930, the Schoolhouse of Educated Wicker opened its doors in 1978. 

The store was opened by friends who didn't want to see their consolidated school go to waste as so many other small schools.

For 32 years the School House of Educated Wicked was the one business that identified the town of Hobbs.

In 2011 the Hobbs Elementary School that housed the business since 1979 was sold at auction and the Schoolhouse of Educated Wicker closed it doors for the last time.

The latest trip to Hobbs, offered:

Robin Stephens  CMT: PTMT is the sole proprietor.  She studied at the Alexandria School of Therapeutic massage under Ruthann Hobbs.  The clinic is located on the first floor of the school.

Will return to Hobbs, in the near future, to check out the continuing journey of the Hoobs Grammar School.