Friday, October 21, 2016

TGIF: Back To Normality

Been a while since the last entries.  The past ten or so days have been a bit hectic.  Over a week ago, family and friends began gathering for an upcoming wedding.  Events got under way as folks started to arrive on a Thursday and with dinners, rehearsals on Friday, breakfasts, wedding, major evening meal on Saturday, brunch the next morning and finally ending on Tuesday with a departing lunch. 

All this left little time for photography, let alone blogging. After a couple of recovery days, we are returning to a somewhat normal life.  Morning walks in between the falling rain along with a spot of yard work have managed to fill the time. 

Will hope to return to photographing as a couple of sunny and cool days are predicted for this upcoming weekend.

From the archives - 

   Gaston, Indiana.