Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Return to Eaton

Managed a return to an Indiana town in Delaware County - Eaton.  As of July 2016 the population was 1783 which is down a bit from the 1805 in 2010.  However, should be noted that the population has increased 9.7% since 2000.  This growth is rather unusual for a small Midwest community.

Along the main street there are the usual red brick buildings that have either been recycled or boarded up. 

An example of boarded, would be the John Foorman building dated 1900.  

   Eaton, Indiana.

Across the street, nailed on an utility pole, there is this Help Wanted notice.

    Eaton, Indiana.

According to published information, the unemployment percentage is slightly over 7%, which makes this posted sign interesting.

In the coming days, will post additional Eaton, Indiana images.