Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reheated Monday Morning Coffee: Almost Time

Due to a health issue, the Monday morning post is a tad late.
Just pretend it's Monday and not Tuesday and all is good.

Here in the fly-over zone it's almost that time of the year.

A few days ago the Arcanum grain elevator was quiet and very still.  

No trucks coming and going. No workers around. Just deserted. This peaceful scene will soon become a memory. 

For on today's morning Preble County walk, noticed that the corn and bean fields were beginning to lose their green color. Corn stalks turning brown and beans fading to yellow. 

We're starting, after all those long and hard hours of Spring planting and a hot, humid, rainy Summer, to see the results. Won't be long before harvesting is under way and scenes like this

   Wayne County, Indiana.

become common across the countryside.

With the Summer coming to an end and Fall approaching, it's almost time.