Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Oakwood, Ohio - Which One?

Yesterday - Sunday - managed to roam some 300 miles over 8 hours in Northwestern  Ohio.  Made several stops visiting a few new locations, as well as returning to others.

Stopped in Oakwood, Ohio - first visited over a year ago - and found not much changed.

Now, when you say "stopped in Oakwood, Ohio" some confusion is bound to occur.  You see - there are three Oakwoods in Ohio.  Up near Cleveland in Cuyahoga County there is an Oakwood village.  Down South near Dayton, there is an Oakwood in Montgomey County which is a city.

Nope, the Oakwood visited was in Pauling County.  It is a village.  Seems in Ohio various location are permitted to have the same name.  Who knew?

Oakwood - in Paulding county - up to 2010 had a stable population.  In 2000 it was 608 and in 2010 there were 607 people.  However, the estimate for 2015 indicated only 588. This is decease of some 3.3% since 2010.  What happened to cause this drop?  Don't know, but interesting question.

On the main street, there is 

as a tribute to the seniors over 50 years.  Impressive!

A bit further along the road, reality returns.

   Oakwood, Ohio.