Friday, August 5, 2016

TGIF: Yes, the troubles are coming to an end.

Yesterday - Thursday -  off early morning for a evaluation of my physical injury.  While progress has been made, not completely healed. Suggestions were offered to continue improving, but as was leaving examiner said, " try walking a bit as it will help".

Now if you been following along, you know that any excuse to walk and wander about is the top of the to-do list.

Returning home, Liah and I looked at each other and immediately headed for the car. It has been some four months since we roamed the rural roads of Preble County.

After a short ride, we arrived at our usual parking spot - Concord Church. 

   Preble County Ohio.

While hot and humid, we managed to cover half of our usual four mile route in forty-five minutes.  Returning to the car, retrieved a dish and using the church's old-fashioned pump, filled the container with fresh water for Liah.

Arriving home required ice for me, more water and sleep for Liah. 

Today - Friday - we were both up early, a quick breakfast followed by a short drive, parked the car at the church and begin walking. 

Planing on tomorrow to be a repeat of the previous two days. 

Yes, the troubles are coming to an end.