Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Slowly Fading Away.


"I'd rather just wander aimlessly and muddle through the serendipity."

Explains a recent journey to Boston, Indiana.  Stood in the center of the main intersection in the middle of town - it's the only intersection in town - with a panoramic camera mounted on a tripod and took two photographs.
Looking to the South.  

Bank building is now used as a home and yes, that's a flag, Remember this is the Midwest - we love our flags!

Without moving, as there was no traffic, panned the camera to the North.

The variety store building in the foreground is now closed and unused. There are no retail outlets in left in Boston, Indiana.  Additionally, the post office was closed earlier in the year.  

Seems to be a community that is slowly fading away.