Friday, July 8, 2016

TGIF: We're Getting There

Big news of the week was that for the first time in over six weeks was able to get into the car and drive it.  

With Liah riding along, we took a short trip around town.   Wonderful sense of freedom after being confined these past weeks.

Another highlight of the week was the next step in the return to using more film. Exposed a roll of film and for the first time in some ten years developed a roll of black and white film.

Surprise, everything went smoothly and have some negatives to review.  

Nothing too exciting on the film as this was another testing session using brick walls and local neighborhood landscape. 

In the coming days will select a couple of these negatives and start fine tuning a scanning process. 

While out and about in the car, managed a couple of quick photographs.  Will leave with one example.

   Richmond, Indiana.

Hopefully next week will have a few film negatives scanned and posted.  We're getting there