Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Believe We're There

On Sunday, with the weather sunny and not too hot, decided it was a good time to get out and photograph.  Put Liah in charge, picked up my Russian Swing Lens Zenit KMZ Horizon S3 Pro 35mm Panoramic camera, a roll of black and white film, necessary light meter, a tripod and headed out the door. 

This camera has an interesting background. The development of Horizon cameras begin in 1948 when the Russians designed a panoramic camera to trace artillery fire. With 120 degrees of vision, both the bullet being fired and a target being hit could be shown on the same negative.

In 2003 the Horizon 203 was released.  For marketing reasons the name was later changed to Horizon S3Pro.

Loaded up the car, drove around near-by locations, stopping several times to photograph.

Using this camera takes a some slowing down.  Finding a location to record, deciding where to put the tripod with mounted camera, using the exposure meter to determine correct combination of shutter speed and lens opening, setting the chosen combination and finally making an exposure.

Returned early Sunday afternoon, paid attention to Liah and then decided to develop the exposed film.  No processing problems and all but two frames were correctly recorded.  

Today, after the film had dried overnight, begin editing the roll of film and selected a few to scan. 

Now it has been a while since the scanners were used.  As with the film processing there were no problems obtaining decent scans.

Will leave with a couple of examples.  

  Campbellstown, Ohio.

  Richmond, Indiana.

More results later in the week.