Thursday, July 28, 2016


If you been following along you will have noted that almost all of the blog images are of various Midwestern locations and folks that populate those places.

Many of the buildings - homes, stores, banks, lodge halls - are carefully constructed using bricks that are usually red or sometimes yellow as in this Garman, Iowa photograph.

The photographic challenge is to visualize such a detailed colorful scene in black and white.  Doing so,we have

Now, it's decision time.  Which presentation presents the most effective rendition - Color or Black and White?  The question is difficult to answer, so let's change it. 

Rather than questioning between a Color or Black and White presentation, ask why take / make the photograph? 

This query leads to the question, what, as the taker / maker, what do you say about what you see? Answer this and the choice between  - Color or Black and White, becomes clear.

In short, how something to say, then choose the strongest way to say it