Friday, April 8, 2016

TGIF: Spring Cleaning

Because of the colder and rainy days this past week, been inside with very brief walks about the neighborhood.

A fine time to sort out and tidy up the headquarters.  After a sequence of long days, several cups of coffee and looking out windows, came to the conclusion that it was time to thin the photography equipment.  

This task required moving all the equipment including cameras, lenses and lighting tools to a central location. This took a bit of time but finally finished.  

Now the difficult part begins. Making piles of what to keep and what to go.  Will need a plan. After coffee and window break, a decision is reached.  If a piece of equipment has not been used in the last two years, then it will go. With this in mind, the sorting begins. 

As in any such process there are hard emotional decisions that must be made. In the past such sorting has been forced
by outside demands.

   Cambridge City, Indiana.

In the 50's and 60's Leica film cameras and lenses were the personal photography equipment of choice.  Taking on PR assignments and working for a local newspaper required selling the Leica tools and moving to Nikon film SLR equipment.  The Leica rangefinder camera just was not suited the various demands of sports and other quickly moving events. 

As digital equipment was introduced, film faded from the PJ world.  The Nikon film bodies were replaced with Nikon digital bodies.  The digital bodies and the film lenses together worked well and all was under control.

On leaving the PR and PJ world the big heavy Nikon stuff was no longer needed.  Time for another change.  Now free to choose what and where to photograph, returned to film and Leica.

To do color film photography is rather costly therefore, time to add digital tools. Nikon equipment is big and heavy. Need something smaller and lighter. Good-by Nikon and hello Panasonic and Olympus cameras and lenses.

The film rangefinder equipment has not been used in over two years, under the plan it goes and is sold.

Camera bag is now smaller and lighter with fewer pieces of equipment. With simpler choices, now able to concentrate on content not equipment. Spring cleaning is freeing.