Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Reading a Photograph

Sadly, Spring in Indiana usually means several overcast days of rain.

                          Richmond, Indiana.

Not a great time to be out and about photographing.  It is fine time to to step back from color work and consider a few black and white images. 

Black and white is a very appropriate medium for documentary photography. In stripping away color, the remaining form and tonality enables a more direct message and simplified reading of the photograph.  Without the distraction of color values, the content of the image is now black, white and shades of gray allowing an easier attention to details.       

 Richmond, Indiana.

Without the color, the text is brought forward as the physical structure becomes the backdrop.

Not all black and white photographs need to be simple and easy to comprehend.  The reading of an image could vary from viewer to viewer, with no clear fixed message.


            Richmond, Indiana.

In looking at the image, what do you see?