Friday, November 20, 2015

TGIF: Grand Mound, Iowa Walkabout

Grand Mound, Iowa is a city with a land area of 1.84 square miles.  The Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad was built through the town site in 1858.
Grand Mound was named for a nearby Sand Mound.  A recording error accounts for the spelling error, which was never corrected.

In 2000 the population was 675, by 2010 it was down to 642 and in 2013 there were 613 people.  This is a decrease of 6.5% since 2000.

No idea what Planet R  D is but appears to be a tidy building.

It seems that in the 1960's there was a commune in the area.  However, could find no trace or information other then it once existed.
Grand Mound, Iowa has raised questions and provided few answers.  Need to return and investigate a bit more.