Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Drive-In Theatre

It's Tuesday.  Just pretend it's Monday and all will be O.K.

Step back in time and recall the Drive-In movie theater.  .

  Winchester, Indiana

Originally called Shannons Airline Auto Theatre and owned by the Shannon family.  The theater opened prior to 1949.  

With a change in ownership, it became the Airline Drive-In.  A second Screen was added in 2002.  This twin screen drive-in has a capacity for 500 cars.

The present owner, Alan Teicher suggested that digital projections and theaters have hurt his business to the point where finding movies on film was too difficult.  "I've been in business for 58 years, I'm 80 years old and think it's time to retire," he said.

The Airline Drive-In closed by 2014.