Friday, August 14, 2015

TGIF: Unseen Richmond

End of the week has arrived - thankfully.  Finally sunny and cooler days as the rainy weather vanished.  Wished to travel a bit the week, but the price of gasoline has shot up to nearly $3.00 per gallon,  something about a Midwest refinery closed for maintenance.

Result is that instead roaming around the countryside, did a walkabout in Richmond.

A bit of information about the community.

Richmond is the county seat of Wayne County and in 2010 (latest census) had a population of 36,812. 

 Additionally the median household income, median house value, unemployed percentage, foreign - born population percentage, length of stay since moving in are all below the Indiana state average. Both the house age and institutionalized population percentage are above the state average.

As with many Midwest locations there are ever so many flags about.  They are even used to attract attention in order to sell used cars. 

As an indication of hard times there is yet another pawn shop.

Once the home of a retail cabinet business. It is now the location of Best Pawn. 

With the cost of fuel, it looks like the weekend will be another walkabout instead of proposed trip to Northern Indiana.