Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Unseen Richmond II

Took a walkabout Sunday afternoon in Richmond, Indiana. Managed to uncover a few little noticed scenes.  

Walking thru the parking lot in the rear of a North 10th street bar, discovered a rather wonderful wall painting.

Another part of the work

A bit later came upon one of the local banks and found this signage on the door.

Interesting times here in the Midwest.  Appears there is a required dress code that requires hats, hoods and sunglasses to be removed before going into the bank.  

My, wonder what's next?  Perhaps, as with the air travel, will be requested that shoes be removed, purses and briefcases scanned and a guard with an electronic wand required before entering. 

Are drive-up windows with ATM machines the banks of future?  People free banking.

In the entry of what is now an art supply store there is this.

Before K-Mart there was Kresge's 5 &10 store. It was a smaller version of today's K-Mart's.  Before shopping malls, a delightful place to window shop.

More unseen Richmond in later posts.