Friday, June 26, 2015

TGIF:Returning Is Important

Yes it's raining - again.  Seems to be no end to the daily shower. 

A week ago there was a day without rain.  Packed up the camera gear drove over to New Castle, Indiana.

New Castle is a favorite place in which to photograph.  The city is undergoing a bit of urban renewal. Several buildings have been removed and others have been restored to a useable condition.  With such a changing landscape, always see something that was missed on a previous visit.  

Walking along the main street happened to look up to see.

Been up and down this street many times and have no idea how this lodge hall has been overlooked.

What is even stranger is that on the street level of the building, we have

Must have wandered pass this entrance ever so many times and never noticed the signage.  Not only the Grand Lodge but also a museum of sorts.  Interesting dates; 1846-2014. Wonder if the lodge is active or not.  

Sadly, it was closed.  Will try again on the next visit.