Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee : Rain and Fisher

After a spot of Sunday sunshine, Monday has returned to overcast and steady rain.  As this is not great for walking or wandering about, will instead recall an overcast - but no rain - day in Fisher, Illinois.

Fisher is a village in Champlain County that was founded in 1875.  In 2010 the population was 1881. 

Comparing Fisher with other Illinois locations, unemployment percentage, Black race population percentage, Hispanic race population percentage and foreign-born population percentage are all significantly below state average.  While renting percentage and number of college students are below state average.  Finally, length of stay since moving in is above state average.  

Of course there is a Masonic Lodge hall

which appears to be in rather fine condition. 

Next door is the Fisher Medical Center

If hungry, pop in to Buzzards.  Will not be surprised as specials are posted daily on Facebook.  In addition to food you could play slots, video poker or enter and play in a 8-ball tournament.

From the outside looking in, Fisher appears to be a rather typical small Midwest community.