Friday, April 10, 2015

TGIF: A Midwest Jewel

The last stop on last Sunday's wander was St. Marys, Ohio.  A bit of history From the St. Marys web page.

 "St. Marys was founded by Charles Murray, William Houston and John McCorkle in 1823. They bought 400 acres of land from the government and laid out the village of 68 lots, extending from Perry Street on the west to Front Street on the east, North Street on the north and South Street on the south. Main Street, a part of the Anthony Wayne Trail, was expected to be the main street of the town. But with the opening of the Miami and Erie Canal, completed in 1845, the town expanded eastward, with businesses opening up near the canal, which became the main artery of transportation. Spring Street, named because of the natural spring along the roadway, then became the main thoroughfare."

Today the population of St. Marys is a touch under 8300.

Downtown was extremely well maintained.  Been a long time since have seen a whole city with such beautiful brick buildings.  

As the weather improves this is a location worthy of a rather extensive early Summer visit.

This weekend will travel about west central Indiana with planned stops in Frankfort and Delphi.  Check back Monday for results.