Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: West Central Indiana

Once again a bit tardy but has been a rather hurried time around the World Headquarters of Today's Image.  Sunday was spent in west central Indiana with stops in Frankfort, Delphi, Sedalia and Hartford City.  

Most of Monday required several household tasks as well as reviewing, selecting and editing the new files.Will be posting finished photographs over the coming weeks.  Today will start with views from the smallest community - Sadelia.

Sedalia is an unincorporated community in Clinton County, Indiana.  It was platted March 31, 1873 by James A. Campbell and Jackson B. McCune and was named after Sedalia, Illinois, the home town of an official of the Vandalia Railroad.

First off, the post office

This is one of two buildings along the highway - Route 26 - which is also the main street.

Nearby is a very important operation in this part of the world - a Grain Elevator. 

This is a vital member of the community, as almost all the crops raised here are corn and/or beans. While quiet now, at harvest time this a a very busy location with grain trucks coming and going at all hours.

Check back later for more images from Sunday's wander-about.