Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Reheated for Tuesday

Winter-like weather in Western Ohio prompted a change in the weekend plans.  Instead of Ohio, decided to travel a bit North in Indiana.  Setting out the sky was clear and the sun was out.  The first stop Wabash, Indiana.  Visited a couple of years ago and found a rather uncomfortable feeling walking about the city.  Not sure as to why, but still wary of returning.
Completely different karma this time.  Images appeared, were readily captured as the hostile feelings of earlier visits were not present.

          Wabash, Indiana.

While sunny and clear, it was not all that warm - upper thirties/lower forties.  Spent several hours walking about photographing and generally enjoying the city.

On the North edge of Wabash is an up and running Drive-In theater.

Next stop - North Manchester, Indiana - a return visit.

No sooner arrived, then the weather changed - overcast with dropping temperatures.  Additionally, much had changed.  Many more empty/closed retail businesses and somewhat dreary look to the downtown. 

One bright spot was the Union Trust Company building.  Would appear to be well maintained and cared for.

     North Manchester, Indiana.

Now this sense of dreariness may be due - in part - to the equally dreary weather.  Never-the-less, after a quick walkabout, followed by a hurried return to the car with thoughts to return another day.